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NSnappy - Release-43 - 2024-03-11

New features

⭐ New widget Site quick access added: A completely new way of using NSnappy’s most frequently used features: tasks, notifications, measurements, reports and bulletins.

⭐ Bulletins can now be marked as read by each user individually using the new Site quick access widget.

⭐ Control point’s Overview now supports custom time range also and Excel data export.

⭐ Notes can now be added also by users that don’t have admin privileges.

⭐ New application header for mobile mode with more useful content and link to Help Center.

⭐ Improved UI navigation especially when using the new Site quick access widget.

⭐ Document management updated to support documents attached to task events and clients.

⭐ Site can now be selected when generating a report.

⭐ New user management UI with more relevant information.

Improvements and bug fixes

☑️ Wash and Cool control logic improvements and UI view improvements.

☑️ More complete set of information displayed for notifications and tasks in many views.

☑️ Site view’s tabs rearranged for better usability.

☑️ Login and password reset page improvements and password reset e-mail terms clarification.

☑️ Updated icon styles.

☑️ Summary report template format changes resulting in a more concise and compact document with less pages.

☑️ Serial number of data relaying hub now displayed in device information page.

☑️ Multiple improvements and fixes to purpose handling and scheduling.

☑️ Several smaller improvements and bug fixes.

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