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NSnappy - Release-44 - 2024-06-18

New features

⭐ Documents can now be uploaded and attached to notifications. Documents attached from notification details view are also normally available in the document management and can be seen as linked to a notification.

⭐ User signature field added to notification acknowledgement.

⭐ Time filtering and load more functionality added to Site’s and Control Point’s Notification list views.

⭐ Notification details view now has more information and a navigation link to the related Control Point - Channel.

⭐ Bulletins can now be created without an expiration date.

Improvements and bug fixes

☑️ UI improvements for cooling progress displays and notification events. More detailed information is now available.

☑️ Report content for cooling events is now more complete.

☑️ Server connection test (for web-socket connection) added before starting measurement with Sense devices.

☑️ Device information now shows the full path (Site - Block - Control Point) as a clickable link to where the device is installed.

☑️ Device install and uninstall events now also display the serial number of the device that was installed or uninstalled.

☑️ Bulletin display logic fixes to the Site Quick Access widget.

☑️ When adding widgets they are now listed in alphabetical order in the menu.

☑️ Many more smaller improvements and bug fixes.

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