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NSnappy User Manual

Nokeval® NSnappy® is a cloud service for digitalizing various self-monitoring and measurement tasks using web browsers. In practice, this means automating data collection as much as possible with measuring devices and IoT solutions. The service helps to reduce the time spent on daily monitoring routines and ensures quality through continuous monitoring and preventive measures.

The service also makes possible to document and schedule recurring tasks, as well as efficient reporting and visualization of collected data and completed tasks, for example, through customizable user-specific dashboard-like homepages. In addition to these core features, the service manages notifications such as warnings and alarms, sending messages of those and acknowledgment from them.

Furthermore, the service efficiently manages document files related to monitoring. A particularly efficient feature is the documentation of self-monitoring plans. You can get an up-to-date self-monitoring plan from the service with just a click of a button. It is also possible to distribute general or targeted bulletins to the service users.

The service has been designed from the beginning to meet the needs of small and large and complex monitoring and measurement requirements for example, in international chains. The management and hierarchization of monitored and measured categories, sites, control points, and channels are efficient, and the management of user access rights is highly flexible.

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