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Through the Settings menu the customer account-specific settings, such as categories, task descriptions and users can be edited.

Below the Settings menu, there is a link from which you can download the NSnappy User Register Description (Privacy policy) and go to Nokeval’s website. Below the links is the version information of the service.

Help Center

Here you can find the link to NSnappy Help Center where all the NSnappy user manuals and contact information for customer support are.


With the help of categories, you can form and manage logical entities. They also form the table of contents of the self-monitoring plan.


Centrally manage schedules. Schedules allow you to schedule both tasks and reports.

Task management

With the help of task management, you create a plan for scheduling monitoring and measurement tasks. You can attach a lot of additional information to the tasks to facilitate and speed up the work of the person performing the tasks.


In the Documents page, you can easily find and manage all documents connected to the service, regardless of whether they are connected to any object in the service.


With the help of bulletins, you distribute simple bulletins efficiently and centrally either to all or selected sites.


In the Devices page, you can see the information and status of all measuring devices connected to the service. The installation and organization of measuring devices in warehouses can also be easily done here.


Here you can create and control warehouses.


Here you can create and control purposes.


With the Teams, you can manage user access rights much more effectively than by assigning them directly to individual users.


Through user management, you create and manage service user accounts and user-specific access rights. However, access rights management is significantly more efficient with the help of teams.


Client data includes, in addition to the client's name and description, contact information and license information.

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