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NSnappy Cool


NSnappy Cool is a temperature transmitter that has been specially designed for cook-and-chill food cooling. The device is user friendly since most of the operation is automated. The data is transmitted to NSnappy cloud service using LoRaWAN radio technology.


NSnappy Cool is ready to use when supplied from the factory. Upon shipping, it is automatically registered to the NSnappy service.

If the separate wall mount is used to store the device while not in use, it needs to be mounted using proper mounting hardware. Note the wall material when installing the mount.


NSnappy Cool uses the LoRaWAN wireless connection standard on the European 868 MHz radio frequency band to send the data to the cloud-based NSnappy service. There is a fixed radio antenna inside the enclosure of the device. Before using the 868 MHz radio, make sure it is legal in your country.

For the LoRaWAN radio reception to work, a NSnappy Hub-4G-LWEU gateway device needs to be installed on all sites where these devices will be used. Please refer to the manual of the hub device for its installation instructions.


Please refer to the NSnappy user manual for complete instructions on preparing and using the NSnappy service for measuring with NSnappy Cool LWEU-N.

A specially designed holder is delivered with the device. The holder serves as a hanger that can be used with various containers such as GN pans.


The operation of the device consists of two phases:

Phase 1: Idle

In this phase, the device is not actively measuring the temperature. However, the device is sensing its movement trying to determine when it is picked up. If the device is handled cautiously (i.e. the device is exposed only to small accelerations), the detection requires a longer time to activate. Rapid motions are preferred when the user is activating the cooling measurement. 

Once the device detects that it has been moved from its storage location, it starts to measure the temperature with a fast cycle. If the device measures a temperature of over +40°C, it recognizes that this is a start of a cooling cycle and switches into the measuring phase. This should not take more than few seconds. However, if the temperature does not rise above the +40°C limit within the next minute, the device stops measuring the temperature in order to save the battery. Once the temperature measuring is stopped, the device starts to sense its movement again.

Phase 2: Measuring

In measuring phase, the device measures the temperature with one minute intervals. The data is transmitted to the NSnappy cloud service after 5 measurements. However, the first packet of the cooling cycle is sent right after the first measurement. The last packet of the cycle is also sent right after the last measurement. Hence the user gets a faster response in the cloud service.

The device stops measuring if the cooling temperature has been below +10°C and temperature starts rising at least 5°C over the minimum temperature reached during the cooling process. This typically happens soon after the cooling has completed and the sensor probe is removed from the product being cooled. Additionally, the device has a timeout functionality that stops the measuring after 4 hours and 15 minutes of continuous measuring in order to save the battery. After the measuring is stopped, the device switches back into the idle phase.

For example, if the minimum temperature reached during the cooling process is +3.2°C, the device stops measuring once temperature has risen again above +8.2°C.

Status LEDs

NSnappy Cool has two LEDs in its front panel that indicate operation to the user.

The measurement LED blinks green while the device is in the measuring phase indicating active operation.

The low battery LED blinks red if the estimated battery capacity is below 20% and either one of the following conditions is true:

  • the device is in the measuring phase

  • the device is in the idle phase and has detected movement

Alternating blink of the LEDs indicates that there is a fault with the temperature sensor.


Replacing the battery

NSnappy Cool is powered with three 1.5 V LR3 (size AAA) alkaline batteries. In order to replace the batteries:

  • Remove the device from the holder.

  • Remove the screw from the battery compartment cover on the bottom of the device.

  • Open the cover.

  • Replace all the batteries with new ones observing the polarity.

  • Close the battery compartment and reattach the screw.

LEDs on the front panel blink shortly during the power up.


NSnappy Cool can be cleaned with warm water and dishwashing detergent. Before washing the device, make sure that the battery cover on back of the device is closed properly. After cleaning, wipe the device dry with a soft, lint-free cloth. We recommend the NHygiene fiber towels.

Avoid strong chemicals and never use abrasive substances or utensils for cleaning.


The device does not require other regular service or maintenance.

NSure service and calibration subscription services are available for these device and these services include a periodic calibration and battery replacement.



Storage conditions

-40…+60°C, relative humidity 5-95%, non-condensing

Operating conditions

-30...+60°C, relative humidity 0-100%

Protection class


Enclosure material

Enclosure ABS, gaskets silicone, screws stainless steel SUS304



79 x 28 x 126 mm not including probe and cable



Temperature measurement


100 mm long, 4 mm diameter, hollow stainless steel probe

Cable and handle

100 mm long rubber cable, cable and handle material food-safe and FDA approved


Pt1000 sensor element inside of the probe tip

Measuring range



±0,5 °C within range -30…+30 °C

Measuring interval

Normal 60 seconds, minimum about 5 seconds

Radio connection


LoRaWAN standard, EU 868 MHz frequency range

Transmitter module

Murata ABZ-093 LoRaWAN modem




Nokeval NSnappy Hubs and Cloud Service


863-870 MHz (LoRaWAN 1.0.2 EU band)


Max +14 dBm E.R.P.


Depends on environment, indoors: in good conditions up to hundreds of meters, outdoors: line-of-sight up to 10 km

Power supply


3 pcs LR03 (AAA 1.5 V alkaline). User replaceable. For the best battery life, use only high quality batteries.

Battery life

At least 1 year when used 4 hours per day

Declaration of Conformity


This product contains a license-free ISM band (868 MHz) SRD radio transceiver. Observe local regulations concerning the use of such radio transmitters. Never start or use this device near explosion hazard areas or in areas where the use of radio transmitters has been limited, such as in airplanes, near medical instruments, near flammable liquids or chemicals or near explosion work sites.

Do not leave the product in direct sunlight or any other place, like in a parked car, where the temperature can rise to over +50°C. The battery may overheat and cause a fire or explosion hazard.

Read this manual carefully before using the product. Misuse may damage the product or cause other harm. Nokeval assumes no responsibility for any damages caused by inappropriate use or handling of the product.

Only Nokeval authorized services may repair or modify the product. The product contains no user serviceable parts.

The product must not be disposed of in household waste. Observe local regulations concerning the disposal of electrical waste. The device may contain a battery.


All trademarks mentioned and any logos reproduced in this documentation are the legal property of their respective owners. Nokeval and NSnappy are registered trademarks of Nokeval Oy.


Nokeval Oy
Rounionkatu 107
FI-37150 Nokia, Finland

Phone: +358 3 342 4810

Business ID: 2852422-8

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