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On the Client settings page, you can see the basic information about your client account and some more detailed information.

You cannot change this information yourself. If you want to change the information, contact our customer service.

This information is printed on the self-monitoring plan (HACCP plan).

Client name

The customer name is the name with which your customer account appears in the main menu. If you have access to several customer accounts, you can select an active account based on this name by clicking on the customer account list in the N-menu.



The description includes an optional more detailed customer description.

General information

Default language

Default language setting for new users to be created. You can change the default language setting selected here when creating a user.

Default timezone

Default time zone for new users to be created. You can change the time zone when you create a user. Long-term data stored in the client account is stored in this default time zone.

Contact information

Contact person

The full name of the client's contact person.

Contact email

Email address of the client's contact person.

Contact phone

Phone number of the client's contact person.

Client address

The client's address, which is printed in the client's contact information in the self-monitoring plan.

Business ID

Business ID number of the clients's company.

Account information

Account number

Client’s account number.

Responsible distributor

Client’s responsible distributor.

Account Manager

Client’s Account manager name

Purpose sets

This section lists the purpose sets associated with your customer account. Each purpose set brings a set of usage purposes to your customer account, which contain applicable alarms for different usage limits, such as "Freezer" or "Fridge".

License information

Here you can see detailed information about the license information of your client account.

Usage rights

Data viewing

Viewing permission to client

Data viewing and editing

Admin permission to client

Creating and deleting Clients

No permission

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